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Why Advertise on Facebook?Facebook Advertising – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting It Right

Facebook has become one of the most popular places to advertise, for the simple reason that you can get excellent results for a small amount of money. Facebook has a highly targeted ad network that is affordable and easy to use compared to its main competitors, currently Google AdWords and Bing.

So why are Facebook ads so effective?

  • They make it easy to capture the attention of the people you are targeting
  • More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month
  • One out of every five minutes people are on their mobile devices is spent on Facebook or Instagram
  • Instagram, Facebook’s most recent acquisition, has more than 500 million people using it each month
  • Facebook ads are attractive and attention getting
  • They don’t interrupt what you are doing on Facebook
  • They integrate organically in a number of ways

Since it’s clear that Facebook ads are winners, you’re probably wondering how to start using it effectively to market your business.

We have put together this FREE REPORT Facebook Advertising – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting It Right just for you!

What Do You Want to Accomplish with Your Facebook Ad?

Before rushing to launch a Facebook ad, it’s essential to set your goals for marketing on Facebook so you can measure your success.

In our FREE REPORT will will go over the Five Main Goals in Marketing using Facebook ads:

  1. Opt-in list building
  2. Driving traffic to a sales page
  3. Learning more about your audience
  4. Increasing brand engagement
  5. Re-Targeting

Every business needs traffic.

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Facebook Advertising – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting It Right

Facebook Advertising – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting It Right